Our world has changed right in front of our eyes within the past two years, whether it be in the tech space, fashion trends or even how we view and consume food and drink. It’s unsurprising that start-ups that want to disrupt the norm are popping up everywhere to fill all the gaps left by these unprecedented times.

Which begs the question – Which start-ups are worth keeping an eye out for?

This list explores start-ups that are capitalising on what’s trending and what else is to come.


1. Exolyt – Tiktok Analysis

Exolyt Logo



We can’t deny the massive growth of Tiktok, the short-format video sharing platform which has amassed over 500 million users.

With Exolyt, you can take more control over how you monitor your audience and dive deeper into your audience demographics.

Exolyt provides daily progress tracking that provides easy to read statistics of how many followers and likes you get each day. With Exolyts premium service you can see up to three months of history for your account.

Tiktok videos can be a hit or miss and with Exolyt, you can evaluate which content works best for your audience. This app features a report table that will show your most engaged videos which would give you an idea for what other content to produce for your audience.

Moreover, you can compare your account and statistics to that of your competitors and cover the ground that they are missing the mark on.

All in all, Exolyt is a promising analytics platform that might mirror the success of other social media analytic websites.




2. 1nfluencersmarketing – AI driven influencer marketing


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Influencers are a major marketing driving force, they are a key player in boosting your product or service’s reputation. Dealing with influencers however is another story. That’s where 1nfluencersmarketing comes in.

1nfluencersmarketing has built a marketing suite that makes use of machine learning to maximize Return on Investments for brands. Their system detects the perfect match for your campaign including demographics like gender, age, location, interests and so much more.

This marketing suite validates influencers, giving you confidence that you will be transacting with legitimate influencers. This is important as industry studies have shown that 15% of advertising expenditures have been lost due to fraudulent behavior.

Not only does 1nfluencersmarketing learn about your audience, it learns about your product and matches your brand identity with influencers who share the same affinity.

If you’re on the look for influencers, this marketing suite was made for you.




3. Filtermi – Facebook and Instagram Augmented Reality Filter Marketplace


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Social Media has exploded with various posts of people using filters. Technology has advanced to the point where people can create their own highly sophisticated filters that utilize augmented reality. The creation of these filters can be a hobby, but Filtermi allows filter creation to be profitable through their filter marketplace.

Filtermi assists marketing professionals from all levels by becoming a platform where people can buy and sell filters. It’s slowly becoming the go-to place to purchase and provide these AR filters.

This service provider just might be where the next viral filter comes from so keep your eyes on all the available products they have on sale.





In this list we’ve tackled how to handle Tiktok, how to get proper influencers and where to purchase the best filters for your business. These service providers are without a doubt essential to how businesses will operate moving forward through these trying times.

These services and social media marketing startups show us how the world is changing and what we need to address the needs of these changes.